Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hey folks, 

I have started up a new blog....please head over to Lost In Reality and show it some love...

Thank You xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Okay so once again I dropped off the face of the earth for some much needed time out. I went to Dubai over Christmas and New Year and had a fantastic time.  I have come back and after one day I was already fed up with my life here and booked my next flight out to Dubai...a week on Tuesday I’m jetting back off to Dubai for 3 weeks J yay!

I had a fabby time whilst I was visiting the boy the past few weeks and love exploring new places. I managed to get myself lost in a couple of the malls although spent most of my shopping in the Dubai mall as it was just across the road from the apartment. I bought loads and will get a haul up for you all shortly.

I was worried that after eating out every day/night that I would have gained a few pounds however yesterday I went to boots and used the weight machine (like every other month) and discovered over the past 3 months I’ve lost a stone!! I honestly can’t believe it! So happy as I was pretty cut up at seeing my holiday photos from June and seeing how much weight I had actually put on and now I’m focussed on the wedding in June this year I’m determined to get my body in shape. I bought by first pair of ‘proper’ running trainers whilst I was away and new running gear and now back into exercising regularly. In Dubai wandering the streets is not very relaxing and enjoyable as it’s more of a stressful journey as there are hardly any pavements and driving is……crazy!
Here are a couple photos from my trip…hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New year and best wishes for an amazing 2011!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

What am I thinking?


Short and to the point....I miss my boy! He left two and a half weeks after we got engaged to move on to a new airline and work towards his command.

For those of you who don't know, he is in Dubai now and I'm still in Glasgow :(
I am extremely proud of him and happy for him.

Skype has been a godsend....I don't know how i'd manage without it. I've been suffering from depression for past 7/8 months and he has been my rock...I wont lie...I've been struggling alone in flat without him but I know I need to stay strong and keep focussed on planning our wedding....Not long to go now - June 18th 2011 woop wooop!! 

Just a wee post to have a shout out for my boy....xx

image from weheartit

Sleigh Bells Ring....are you Sunbathing??

Hey hey, 

There's only 33 days till Christmas....I love Christmas!! It's my favourite time of year, presents, mulled wine, family, friends, snow ,hot chocolate, fires, snuggles etc 

Although this year instead of being playing in the snow at home in scotland.....

Snowy Evening | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I'll be lapping up the sunshine here......

TumblrO Desejo de Conhecer Dubai e Abu Dhabi Voando Emirates « Desejo VibreLeve

Yeah ladies, i'm off to Dubai for Christmas...this will be the first time i've been away from home and my family for's going to be strange. I'm going with the boys parents to visit him as he isn't able to come home for Christmas :( 

I cannot wait to see my boy, he had to move to Dubai 2 and a half weeks after we got engaged

Where are you spending Christmas?

Images taken from Iheartit

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hello girlies, 

Well on 3rd October the boy whisked me off to NYC...this was both of our first trips to the city and we were both very hyper on the flight over....I chose to watch SATC 2 movie....and munched on some surprisingly yummy plane food.

We arrived at JFK and jumped into a cab. We checked in at our hotel on Madison Ave and went to explore the 'concrete jungle'. It was the most amazing feeling ever, was like we were walking around on a film set. It was lovely, we wandered uptown to central park and had a wander, silly me put on some new pumps which were nipping at my heels so I got a little grumpy so we decided to have a wee rest here.....

we were sitting watching world go by, loving the greenery mixed with the towering buildings, then before I knew it the boy was on one knee and proposed to me......eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!! Yep I yelped and all the wee tourists were looking at us. 

He proposed with a gorgeous swarovski ring, as he put it on my finger he told me it was only a proposal ring..i didn't follow...then he told me that at 11am the following morning we had an appointment at TIFFANYS!!!!!! 

I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day and hardly slept a wink for being so hyper. We were up and about at 8am so decided to keep ourselves occupied by going up the Empire State Building.

Although it was extremely windy, misty and rainy we didn't care because we were the happiest people on top of the world!! 

We ended up in Tiffany's half an hour before our appointment due to my impatientness, a lovely girl named Hattie met us  and took us up to the engagement!!! The magpie inside me was on overdrive the rings are stunning! Hattie sat us down and had a little chat about what we were looking for etc, we decided for her to pick a couple of rings and let us choose one....after a couple glasses of champagne and try on of pretty much the whole collection of rings we both decided on the second one I tried on which was the Tiffany's Princess Cut Ring....

I am in love with my ring, It was a total dream come true I'm still pinching myself to check it's real!

We had to wait a few hours for the ring to be ready for pick up and we did a little shopping...we were given more chamange when we went to pick up the ring....was so surreal. 

I had an incredible 3days in New York and cannot wait to return for longer to soak it all it's time to get planning for the wedding in June 2011!


Oh Knickers...

oh wow, lovely

So sorry I've been pants again......i've had so much going on in my wee world the past month i've got myself little distracted...sorreeeeeeeeeeee 


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Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Sleeps!!

Just popping by to say 2 sleeps till I fly to New York Babyeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 

slightly gutted to see it's gonna be raining lets hope it passes....but even if it doesn't I don't care......I cannot wait to walk the streets of New York and finally see it for real..eeeeeeeeeeeeeep 

Speak laters girlies, have a fantastic Friday night 

Mwah xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Sorry sorry's been over a week since I said I was going to get back into my blogging but i've been pants and made no effort...sorry chickittas. I've had a mental week at work and in my bed by 8 everynight also as shattered. 

Friday night the boy set up a little treasure hunt for me around the ended with him telling me he is whisking me away to The Big Apple next Sunday!!!!! eeeeeeeeep I am very excited about it. We will be away for three days and two nights. 

If any of you lovely ladies have been to New York please please please let me know what attractions cannot be missed!!! 

Thank you xx

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaack.....

Well Good Evening Lovely Ladies, I thought it was about time I got myself back on the blogging bandwagon!! woop woop 

I'm sorry i've been mia recently, I've had a lot going on and was signed off my work for a couple of months. 

I have decided it is time I try get myself lost in blogging again. Please recommend blogs you think I should start following 

Hope you are all fabby and looking forward to catching up with you all... xx